Louisa Henson

Louisa is a kind and personable osteopath dedicated to understanding her patients as a whole person. Her approach is to work alongside patients to fully appreciate the root cause of their symptoms, adapting her treatment style to suit their specific needs and empowering them to feel comfortable in their body. 

Louisa graduated from the London School of Osteopathy (LSO), completing her Masters in Osteopathy with a distinction. As part of her degree, she carried out research on the topic of menopause care, and has a passion for Women’s health. She has experience working with a wide range of patients, from chronic pain and neurological disorders to sporting injuries and postnatal care. Louisa believes in creating a safe space for her patients and has completed further training in LGBTQ+ inclusive healthcare. 

From September 2023, Louisa will join the LSO faculty as a teaching assistant to senior students at the college. She has also been practicing as a Sports Massage Therapist for the past 2 years in Central and South East London.