Susan ‘Poppy’ Moore

Susan ‘Poppy’ Moore 

Poppy is a long-standing and valued member of the Rise Osteopathy team. Her warmth and humour makes her popular with patients and colleagues alike. She is an experienced osteopath and loves treating people of all ages. 

Poppy’s interest in osteopathy began during visits to her own osteopath. She became fascinated by the extent to which osteopathy could assist the body to restore its optimum health. To deepen her understanding of the science, she re-trained and gained a Bachelor of Osteopathy (BSc Ost) from the London School of Osteopathy (LSO) in 2013.

Over the years she has gained competence and experience in cranial osteopathy. She has completed post-graduate courses in osteopathic care of women during and after pregnancy as well as in paediatric osteopathy for babies and children.  

Before becoming an osteopath, Poppy had a varied career; she worked in social care, mainly with teenagers with autism. She also worked as an accountant for Neal’s Yard Remedies and the Royal Academy of Dance. Her understanding of the dance world lead her to develop a special interest in osteopathic treatment of dancers. She undertook research in this area, promoted by the Royal Academy of Dance and Dance UK’s Healthier Dance programme.

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