Our homeopath at Rise is the well known and popular homeopath Rix Pyke.

In Rix’s own words..

As a Homeopath I take the whole case of the patient and from that I make a time-line to see what happened, when, in what order, and what triggers or life events had occurred at the same time. I work with you as the person you are. I need to know about the details of how you experience your dis-ease. I need to know how you manage your stressors and then the remedies support you in finding your own way back to equilibrium and health. When working with children their vitality returns and they soon manage their own little acute illnesses with help from the remedies. From that their immune systems build muscle and very soon you have energetic, vital, radiant healthy children. When working with people taking pharmaceutical medications I choose remedy potencies which work along side them. I do not lead you back to health – I follow you. I think of energy medicine, such as Homeopathy, as being like a life belt – it holds you up as you go through the choppy waters and find your way back to health. It is a wonderful, respectful system of medicine. It is sustainable, non toxic and economical. I love my work.

Rix works on alternate Fridays at Rise. Please call 0203 581 0540 to book an appointment.

To contact Rix email rix@rixpyke.co.uk