Homeopathy / Craniosacral Therapy

Children’s appointments made during Children’s Mental Health Awareness week 03/02- 09/02, for any time in February, will receive 25% discount.

Amal Alaoui


Homeopathy is suitable for all ages and focuses on improving the physical, emotional and mental well being of an individual. During the consultation specific questions are asked on how a person responds to food, stressful events and everyday living. This dialogue helps to identify the appropriate remedy for the individual. Often, a client leaves the session feeling they have been” truly heard “.


Our craniosacral system closely influences many of our physiological systems in the body.  As it has an extremely close relationship with the nervous system, it contributes to the efficient running of our body. CST is a profound bodywork therapy based on osteopathic principles and is an effective method for reducing physical and emotional stress & trauma, following birth, during pregnancy and throughout adulthood.

Amal’s clinical focus is to help an individual achieve improved health at all ages. Her approach integrates homeopathy and CST, according to the needs of the individual. This comprehensive focus, including nutritional understanding for improving energy or stress levels, applies both talking therapy and deep bodywork [fully clothed] to get to the root of the problem in order to achieve optimum levels of well-being.

Her passion for craniosacral therapy is recognised through her work as a trustee for the Cranio Sacral Therapy Association, the UK’s professional body for qualified and registered craniosacral therapists. She is part of a team steering research into the benefits of craniosacral therapy. Her ongoing passion for homeopathy has continued since achieving a Bsc [Hons] in Homeopathy from the Centre of Homeopathic Education, London.

She works with some of the following health concerns:

  • Anxiety, stress & panic attack
  • Post trauma issues
  • Allergies
  • Sleep conditions
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hormone balance
  • Ear, nose & throat conditions
  • Migraine
  • Digestive discomfort

Amal first became interested in homeopathy after a family member developed eczema. This would see her embark on a lengthy training in homeopathy, and later, craniosacral therapy. She is a published author and blogger on health issues for children and adults.

Amal provides cost effective appointment plans for those receiving regular treatments – please ask at your first appointment for details.


Adults: 1st appointment 60 mins £75

Follow ups 55 mins £65.

Block of 3 follow ups £180

Children (up to 18)  & babies: 1st appointment 60 mins £65. Follow ups £55.

Price includes consultation, craniosacral treatment and remedy.

Amal has clinics in South East and Central London.






What her clients say about Amal.

“Amal has provided me with homeopathy and cranial treatment for three years.  Her gentle approach offers a warm and calming environment to address the hassles that life throws at you, whether emotionally or physically. She is incredibly insightful and intuitive and I have happily recommended her to several friends, but will also keep returning to her for that very safe space she offers”. Michelle, London, 2015.

“After a few sessions Amal has been able to improve massively on my allergies, as well as physical pain”. Sebastian, London, 2015.

“I always leave my visits feeling at once calmer and inspired, and a healthier version of myself”. Mary B. 

“Amal’s approach of allowing the body to correct itself through craniosacral therapy, alongside homeopathy, has been hugely beneficial for reducing my panic attacks”. Abigail, London, 2015.