Your Visit

Having booked your appointment, we look forward to meeting you at one of our practices.  Our aim is to help relieve your symptoms and ease your pain, as quickly as possible. We also want to understand what has caused your pain, so we can help prevent it recurring.

An Osteopathic Consultation

Each person is unique, so we want to build-up a clear picture of your health and lifestyle. This involves taking a detailed case history, including your current symptoms, how they developed, and what makes them better or worse. We will also ask about your general health, any previous accidents or injuries, your diet, your exercise, and any stress.

We will then carry out a careful physical examination; to assess how well your body moves. To do this, we will observe your overall posture and test your ranges of movement. Using a highly developed sense of touch, we will assess the health of your joints and tissues, and identify any areas of excessive strain, weakness or injury.

To help with the physical examination, we will usually ask you to undress to your underwear. Light blankets will be used to provide you with cover. If you are uncomfortable with this, let us know, and we can either provide you with a gown or discuss other options.


When we have diagnosed your problem, we will explain our findings to you, and provide you with a verbal treatment plan. This will aim to reduce your pain and discomfort, increase your range of movement, and help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Your treatment plan may include recommendations for lifestyle changes, diet, and exercises that will help to speed your recovery.

Where necessary, we may ask you to see your doctor for specialist medical investigations such as scans or blood tests, or for referral to a consultant.

During treatment, you may feel sensations of pressure or warmth. Most patients become deeply relaxed, and feel the tension being gradually drawn from their body.

Patients usually feel an immediate benefit from their treatment. Where a mild reaction to treatment occurs, this will usually settle down within 48 hours. Should you have any concerns after your treatment, please call us, as any of our osteopaths would be happy to reassure you.

After treatment, patients often report an improvement in energy levels, sleep patterns, and in general well being.

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