Sports Injuries

Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

People from all age groups now regularly participate in sports activities. They vary from elite professionals to those who just wish to keep fit.

Many injuries that occur are the result of overuse, such as playing too hard or too often, or from not warming up properly before exercising, or not warming down afterwards. Sometimes, incorrect equipment can lead to injuries, such as ill-fitting footwear. Reduced joint flexibility may also result in injury, if the person is unaware they cannot perform at the same level as in the past.

Young people are especially vulnerable to injury, as they are growing. They are often expected to perform to high standards, and put huge physical demands on themselves.

Although sports injuries are common, those who are fit tend to recover more quickly and easily from their injuries.

Osteopathic Treatment for Sports Injuries

Osteopaths can help improve performance, and treat injuries suffered. Using their knowledge of diagnosis, and a highly developed sense of touch, they can help restore structural balance, improve joint mobility, and reduce soft tissue restrictions. This can help restore movement, and enhance performance.

Osteopaths can also help you to keep supple, and improve muscle tone. This can help reduce the risk of injury to soft tissues, due to the extra demands of more intensive exercising. They can also provide advice on diet and exercise to help you with your specific sport.