Osteopathy for Teenagers

Osteopaths aim to help teenagers develop in a balanced and healthy way, so they are more able to achieve their full potential.

Common problems for teenagers


Osteopaths are expert at assessing posture and monitoring the development of the spine. This is particularly important for older children and teenagers, who often spend long periods slouching in chairs, and can suffer from poor posture.

Carrying heavy bags to school or college can also place pressure on the spine. In combination with poor posture, this can cause areas of tension in the spine, and contribute to aches and pains.

Sports Injuries

At a time when teenagers are growing rapidly, sporting activities become more physically demanding, and this can make teenagers more vulnerable to injuries, and aches and pains.


The constant cycle of exams and school or college pressure are exhausting and stressful for teenagers. On top of these educational demands, teenagers also have to deal with varied social challenges. At a time when their bodies are undergoing hormonal changes and rapid growth, these stresses can lead to a build up of physical tension in the body, which can cause a variety of symptoms, including back and neck pain, and tension headaches.

How Osteopaths can help teenagers

Maintaining good muscle tone to support the spine is essential, and our osteopaths encourage older children and teenagers to be as physically active as possible.

Our osteopaths aim to maintain good mobility and balance in the musculoskeletal framework of the body, using a variety of gentle drug-free non-invasive treatments. This can help to reduce tension and strain, and provide the optimum physical environment for the body to function and develop. Osteopathic treatment can also help teenagers generally feel better and more relaxed.