‘I took my newborn son to see Elaine several times after he was born. He’d lost ten percent of his birth weight but then for many days after didn’t regain any weight. I’d been through this with my daughter and found it quite stressful having the baby weighed and feeding routine analysed every few days. I had successfully breastfed my daughter for 13 months and didn’t feel it was anything to do with the feeding. The midwives were supportive, but it was getting to the point that unless he put on weight we’d end up in hospital having lots of tests. Having given birth at home I was keen to avoid this and I felt this wasn’t the answer. I arrived at Elaine’s overtired and anxious. She immediately made me feel better with her positive smile and reassuring manner. After just one treatment my son started to put on weight. Within a week following a second treatment he’d regained his birth weight. Elaine seemed to understand what needed to be done and he responded very well. The treatment is so gentle and unobtrusive. I took my son several times to see Elaine and within a couple of weeks my son was flourishing. I have a lot to thank Elaine for. She is kind, insightful and cheerful – everything a new mother needs.’  Hannah

‘I have been a patient of Elaine’s for many years, first visiting her when I was having problems with my jaw due to extensive dental work, and she was able to put that right. For a long time, I’ve also had problems with my back, exacerbated by pregnancies, particularly the last one with twins. Following that birth, Elaine was able to straighten me out again, so I could walk!

Over the ensuing years, she has sorted out screaming babies, children with chest and sinus problems and scoliosis, and my back, endless times, when it gave up under the strain of four small children who wanted to be carried about a lot.

I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough, she has been so helpful in improving so many different conditions for me and my children, over many years.’  Barbara



‘I have seen Poppy many times over the past couple of years for back pain.  She combines cranial and structural osteopathic approaches which has been very effecting in treating my symptoms.  She has also offered very helpful advice about stretches and other measures I can take to help alleviate and prevent further back problems.  Poppy is very knowledgeable and experienced and has a lovely manner – I highly recommend her.’  Karen F


‘I started visiting Lizzy about 5 years ago. I don’t see her often, but I jet in to get fixed up when I have a specific problem. I usually only need to see her once or twice at a time and the results are always great. I don’t know what she does, it’s incredibly subtle but it works. It also helps that she explains what the problem is, and what’s causing it and suggests exercises to keep the problem at bay. In the past, she has solved sciatica in my leg and hip. The last time I visited, I had a problem with my left side, my knee kept giving way, but I also had soreness in my hip and a persistent problem with my lower back becoming painful after standing for prolonged periods, which I’ve had for a couple of years (I thought this was a weakness due to a sedentary job and I just had to live with it). After just one visit to Lizzy, she seems to have rebalanced things somehow. I have had two weeks now completely liberated from the back problem – I’m amazed it’s gone, it’s wonderful. I highly recommend her (as I have done to lots of friends!)’.  Karen

‘I took my newborn son to see Lizzy following a traumatic birth (prolonged labour and emergency c-section). She was quickly able to assess the impact of the birth on him and treated him very effectively. He seemed to really enjoy the treatments, which were gentle and soothing for him. She also gave suggestions to us for exercises to help him recover from the birth trauma, which were again very effective. Lizzy was warm and caring and incredibly knowledgeable. She understands babies very well and gives clear and holistic explanations for any difficulties they may be experiencing.

I have also seen Lizzy myself for back pain and pelvic pain I was experiencing before, during, and after pregnancy. She has honestly been the only person who has been able to fully explain and understand any aches or pains I present with. Her treatments are always incredibly relaxing and effective. She also gives recommendations for exercises you can do easily at home to continue to help with your complaint. I would thoroughly recommend Lizzy to anyone who is looking for relief with any kind of aches or pains. She honestly has magic hands.’  Molly